Fighting the Battles of Alarm Ordinances from Within

Facing a new wave of alarm ordinances, education of end-users still remains key

But for alarm companies, this isn't a total solution. Hartman says that alarm companies must stay on top of their customers to make sure that emergency notification sheets stay updated. Without updated information, she says, the enhanced verification plans can't do their jobs.

In the end, dealer companies need to educate their buyers, since users are the most common source of false alarm signals. First, they need to teach them how to use their system correctly and efficiently, and secondly, they should be prepared to educate the public and their users about which ordinances they will be subject to. Don't just tell your customers that there is a law in effect, says Hartman. Instead, give them printed materials. The alarm registration/permit form and a sheet with bullet points on what the local ordinances require is a good place to start. With this approach, not only will you possibly cut down on false alarms, but you're also providing solid customer service that is always beneficial for repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.