CCTV Footage to Be Scanned after Vandals Hit Detroit's Osborn High

Students came back to Detroit's Osborn High School on Monday morning to find vandals and thieves damaged the building extensively during the weekend.

Detroit Public Schools spokeswoman Mattie Majors said the district didn't have an immediate estimate of the damage.

But the kitchen was extensively damaged, Majors said.

There was also damage to classrooms, counselors' and other administrative offices. And about 50 computers were stolen, Majors said.

The school, at 7 Mile and Hoover, was not officially closed. However, many students did not attend classes after they learned of the vandalism.

Detroit police had no suspects Monday but were investigating the vandalism, hoping that school surveillance cameras caught some of the incident.

Majors said even though school wasn't in session during the vandalism, the students were affected.

"When somebody trashes their place you spend that much time in, it disturbs you," Majors said.

Several Detroit public schools were vandalized and equipment destroyed in the last year.

In August 2003, vandals sneaked into Dixon Elementary School and damaged every classroom and destroyed 17 computers.

Three teenagers were sentenced in August for destroying musical instruments last winter at the Detroit High School for the Fine & Performing Arts.

They had been accused of similar destruction at Murray-Wright, a high school just blocks away. The damage to band equipment at both schools was about $330,000.