Plumas County, Calif., Implements Alarm Registration

Plumas County, Calif., is requiring all alarm owners to file permits for their alarm systems.

The county enacted an ordinance in Dec. 2004 that required alarms to be permitted, and the ordinance was enacted on Jan. 13. According to a report by the Plumas County News, by Feb. 10, only nine alarm owners had completed the process of registering their alarms.

The ordinance requires that all alarms be registered annually. The initial registration will cost $45, and annual renewals will cost $25. The sheriff's office can bill alarm owners fees for responding to alarms as well.

According to the report, one of the local alarm companies had completed its duties and distributed notices to its alarm users that the permits are now required -- however, the numbers indicate that responses to the notice that registration was required were negligible even for that company's customers.