N.Y. Dealer S-Tron Featured on 'It Takes a Thief'

Honeywell and S-Tron have made it to "It Takes a Thief".

S-Tron, a security dealer in Plainview, N.Y., was recently featured along with Honeywell security products in the "It Takes a Thief" show that runs on the Discovery Channel.

In the episode, S-Tron installed a Honeywell surveillance system (with dome cameras and a DVR) for exterior surveillance.

The show, for those of you who haven't seen it yet, is the product of two former (and "reformed") burglars Jon Douglas Rainey and Matt Johnston, who stage break-ins to people's homes while they watch the recorded footage. The break-in serves as a real-time security assessment, and when all the broken glass is swept clean and wires and sensors are re-run, the people end up with a home that has a new security system in it. Rainey and Johnston also offer policy-based tips on security.

Look for this episode early this fall season (the second season). "It Takes a Thief" will also be at ISC East for the keynote with Frank Santamorena (the show's security consultant) and break-in artist and show co-host Jon Douglas Rainey.