TSA Announces New Security Changes in General Aviation

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is further moving into the world of general aviation with the announcement that the governmental entity will be assuming the responsibility for ground security requirements and procedures at more airports.

The new control applies to the College Park Airport, Potomac Airfield and Washington Executive/Hyde Field.

The TSA announced on Thursday that three Maryland airports, all within the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Area Flight Restricted Zone, will now be allowed to host "transient aircraft operators", meaning that pilots not based out of those three airports will now be able to use those fields.

The new rules state that transient pilots will be allowed to use these three airport is they meet TSA security requirements and procedures. The effect is that more travelers and businesses will be able to use the three airports.

The TSA also announced a new security initiative that will encourage the general aviation industry to report activities at airports that may be threats. The administration has launched a toll free number, 866-GA-SECUR, for these reports, has published new federally endorse general aviation security guidelines, and is working on an initiative for pilot credentials that offer enhanced security. In a stance that reacts (if a bit late) to the 9/11 attacks of over three years ago, the TSA has announced initiatives that detail the vetting of alien flight training candidates before they begin training.