Surveillance Footage Key Evidence in Alleged Assault at School

MURRAY, Ky. (AP) - A judge is expected to decide on Tuesday how to proceed in the case of a teacher's aide allegedly caught on tape assaulting a 13-year-old boy at a school for students with behavorial problems.

Calloway County District Judge Jeann Carroll could send the case against Charles D. Parrott on to a grand jury for possible indictment on a felony assault charge or deal with the charge as a misdemeanor in her own courtroom.

The video from a surveillance camera shows Parrott holding Dimitri Ross off the ground and against an office wall.

Defense attorney Rick Lamkin said Parrott was restraining the boy. Prosecutor David Harrington said the tape shows an assault.

``The video is a piece of evidence,'' Harrington said. ``It's one piece of the puzzle.''

Lamkin wants the video barred as evidence because it has been shown repeatedly on local and national television newscasts.

Kentucky State Police Trooper Brad Smith showed the video to local media, saying the community has a right to see the incident that occurred at the Calloway County Day Treatment Center in Murray.

Parrott was charged with second-degree assault on Dec. 13, two days after the incident. Mayfield residents have rallied to support him, even raising money for his defense.