New Identity Theft Email Scam Hits Net

ACT Police are warning residents to be aware of a new email scam that incorrectly tells the recipient their identity has been stolen.

Detective-Sergeant Fiona Sagripanti said the subject of the email says 'Your ID was stolen' and tries to get the recipient to visit a website offering help.

''If the website is visited, a Trojan is activated that allows the scammers to log the user's computer usage, which could include personal and financial details,'' Detective-Sergeant Sagripanti said. ''Cyber 'phishing', as it has come to be known, seems to be on the increase, and users of the internet and email should always take care to screen unknown emails before opening them.

''Not all virus protection programs will guard against users accessing internet sites containing Trojans.'' Police have suggested Internet users could log onto to find out if something has been reported as spam, Trojan or virus related.