Coca-Cola to Build New Plant in China

According to Coca-Cola is planning to build a new plant within Fujian province in one or two years. The new plant is likely to be located near Fuzhou. This was information given in Fuzhou by Madam Li Ping, Deputy General Manager of Xiamen Swire Coca-Cola Beverages Company Limited (XMRC). Coca-Cola sources show Fujian, a province with over 30 million people, ranks among the top 10 consumers of beverages in China. It has great market potential. XMRC sales of carbonated drinks took up 55% of the provinces total in 2004. Its non-carbonated drink sales were growing at an annual rate of 50%. Due to the different levels of economic growth, the interior areas of Fujian province still have a large demand for carbonated beverages. So the new plant will be mainly devoted to carbonated drinks.