Police Report Foiling kidnap at Mexico City Airport

AP WorldStream English (all) via NewsEdge Corporation : MEXICO CITY --Federal police said Thursday they foiled an attempt to kidnap a businessman at Mexico City's international airport.

The federal Public Security Department said its officers noticed a scuffle near one of the doors of the airport and scrambled to the scene, where they rescued a businessman who was about to be forced into a car during the busy afternoon rush period on Wednesday.

The Mexican businessman, whose name was not released, said he arrived at the airport with his wife and daughter to board an international flight when a man who claimed to be a federal police agent approached and said he was being arrested for carrying false documents.

The false officer then threatened to harm the man's family if he did not immediately hand over 11,000 pesos (about US$1,000 or ?820) and he tried to force the businessman into a car with no license plate, police said.

Police arrested a man who gave his name as Fernando Ramirez Juarez. It said he was unable to produce evidence of working for any police agency but had a credential from an association of illegal taxi drivers who have campaigned for official recognition.