Eureka, Calif., Approves New Alarm Ordinance

Eureka, Calif.'s proposed increase in false alarm fees, as reported in a previous story, has passed the City Council.

The new resolution will update the city's alarm ordinance and will increase false alarm fees. The resolution affects homeowners and businesses who have, in a six-month period, three or more false calls.

The resolution increases the alarm permit fee to $20 for the first permit, and $10 thereafter for renewals.

According to a report in the Times-Standard newspaper, "False alarm fees will double for a third incident and quadruple from $50 to $200 for a fourth. Fees for robbery or panic alarms jump even higher at $100 for the third alarm and $400 for the fourth."

The new ordinance also allows permits to be revoked for non-payment, meaning that businesses or home alarm owners who fail to pay may not be guaranteed police response.