Pepper-spray-using shoplifters hit second store in Denver



When a trio of shoplifters pepper-sprayed store security guards at a Denver metro area Target on Tuesday, it was not the first time that had happened this week.

Denver Police issued a crime alert about two people they said pepper-sprayed store security at a Walmart on Sunday.

In the Sunday case, police said two suspects caught on surveillance cameras took items from the store and didn't pay for them. When the suspects were confronted by store security, police said the suspects pepper-sprayed the security personnel and ran off.

On Tuesday, two people were trying to shoplift goods from the Target in Sheridan when security officers tried to stop them in the vestibule area outside the front doors, Sheridan Police Chief Mark Campbell said. A third suspect ran up and sprayed the two security officers in the face with a pepper spray-like product.

Two suspects wanted for shoplifting, then pepper-spraying store security at Walmart on Jan. 8.

The three suspects were able to escape in a vehicle that is believed to be a four-door sedan with white disabled Florida license plates "Z7AJZ," Campbell said.

The pepper spray forced Target to evacuate the entire store.


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