SimplexGrinnell acquires Certified Fire Protection

SimplexGrinnell, a Tyco International-owned provider of fire and life safety solutions, announced Friday that it has acquired Atlanta-based Certified Fire Protection, Inc.

According to a statement, Certified Fire Protection, which has provided fire protection systems and services for a wide range of customers in the Atlanta area for the past 20 years, will be integrated into SimplexGrinnell's district office operations in the city.

The company was founded in 1990 and has built a reputation in the market for delivering fire protection solutions in a variety of applications including power generation facilities, manufacturing plants, aircraft hangars, hospitals, laboratories, computer rooms, data centers, and telecommunication facilities.

SimplexGrinnell President Bob Chauvin said the acquisition would not only help the company expand its geographic presence, but also bolster their technical knowledge and product offerings.

"The acquisition of Certified Fire Protection is an excellent strategic fit for our business at SimplexGrinnell," said Bob Chauvin, president at SimplexGrinnell. "It strengthens and expands our fire suppression capabilities in a key growth market while advancing our overall strategy and focus on being the leader in life safety and property protection across North America."