ObjectVideo and Sony reach agreement

ObjectVideo has asked the US. International Trade Commission to end an investigation into Sony Corporations' alleged breach of patents. The end of the lawsuit against Sony came as ObjectVideo announced that it and Sony had created a patent license agreement regarding ObjectVideo's video content analytics patents. As part of the agreement, the companies "have settled all outstanding claims."

"We are pleased to have reached this patent licensing agreement and settlement with Sony," said ObjectVideo's CEO Raul Fernandez. "We are fully committed to continuing the development of innovative video analytics technology, protecting those inventions and helping our software and patent licensing partners deliver great products to the market."

Just a week before, ObjectVideo had announced an agreement with Tyco for its American Dynamics video surveillance division regarding licensing of OV's analytics patents. ObjectVideo made waves in 2011 when it announced a lawsuit against Sony, Bosch and Samsung alleging patent infringement. This weeks Sony agreement represents the first agreement with one of the named defendants in ObjectVideo's high-profile lawsuit.

In a recent interview with SecurityInfoWatch.com, Fernandez said that the patent deal with Tyco helped "remove uncertainty" surrounding the American Dynamics video products even as American Dynamics is working to develop its own analytics technology.

ObjectVideo holds 45 patents globally and says that dozens more patents are pending. Fernandez said that while the company has been actively working to enforce its patented technology, it's also working on next-generation analytics and new versions of its software.

Fernandez said the legal strategy against three major multi-nationals (one of which is now settled following the Sony-OV agreement) was a bit of a risk for a small technology firm, but said "Companies are calling us now whereas they weren't calling us before [to discuss patent licensing]."