IMS Research releases report on CBRNE market

UK-based IMS Research announced this week that is has released a new report on the market for chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives (CBRNE) detection solutions.

In a statement, IMS said that it valued the global market for CBRNE detection equipment at $925 million in 2011.

Despite conflicting forecasts and market size reports about the industry, IMS says it defines the market according to sales across five end-users sectors including aviation, critical infrastructure, emergency response, military, and ports and borders.

"Military personnel and first responders prefer rugged portable products over fixed equipment types as these are difficult to use in the field," said IMS Research analyst Justin Siller in the statement. "The ports and borders vertical has a major interest in using large portals to scan trucks, cars and containers for the presence of radioactive materials, and hand-held identification devices to pin-point the exact threat. In critical infrastructure, 'fixed' products are generally used. These buildings tend to have a high concentration of people and are home to high profile individuals who need to be protected, and only fixed products truly offer continuous monitoring."

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