Feeling Software becomes 'Fortem'

Canadian-based Feeling Software, a developer of 3D software for security applications, announced this week that it has changed its name effective immediately to Fortem.

In a statement, Christian Laforte, the company's CEO, said that they wanted their name to be indicative of their growth as a company. Fortem is the Latin root for "fortitude" and "fortune."

"Feeling Software has built a strong reputation within the 3D software consulting services over the past 7 years. We want to ensure that our image and name stays current with our business," Laforte said. "Fortem's ownership, staff, products and services have not changed; we simply want our name to reflect the company's evolution and growth."

In addition to the new name, the company has also rolled out a new website and logo. For more information, visit fortem.com.