Axis cameras to be UL listed

Network surveillance solutions manufacturer Axis Communications announced Monday that its AXIS P13 and AXIS Q16 Series products will be UL listed under the 60950 standard for IT equipment.

In addition, the company said in a statement that the rest of its cameras will be UL listed throughout 2012. Axis' encoder, PoE midspan, PoE splitter, and power source solutions already hold UL certifications.

IP cameras, which fall under the category of Limited Power Source Products in the National Electrical Code, typically do not require a UL fire and safety listing because they qualify based on the certification of their respective power source (splitter, midspan, switch, etc.). However, municipal and regional requirements in the U.S. often demand UL certification for cameras used in surveillance installations. If products are not UL Listed, a separate inspection is often needed.

"While LPS devices like IP cameras typically do not require a UL listing, there were times when our integrator partners' projects were delayed because local jurisdiction required non-UL Listed product inspection," said Axis Communications General Manager Fredrik Nilsson. "To eliminate the cost and complexity of these inspections for our partners, we'll continue to work very closely with UL's fire and safety organization to ensure all our video products are UL Listed."

Moving forward, the company said that all of its new IP camera products will be UL listed.