KLM Expo brings industry together

Event offers training sessions, networking for dealers, integrators, distributors and end-users

"The only way you're going to get people to come into these shows and continue to come to them is to give them information that's factory-agnostic," he said. "Solution-selling and showing them how this widget works with this widget, how they work together. And if you give them information that is agnostic, they can use it with anything that they're doing. Obviously, we want them to use our products, but it's giving them that vision of 'hey, this is where things are going, and this is how we're going to take you there.'"

By hosting the expo, KLM has gotten its share of leads, assuring Walter and Gragg of busy days ahead. But they also take pleasure in the enthusiasm they've seen generated for projects that might not fall their way.

"[The expo] really energizes a lot of people because they start thinking about jobs, like 'you know what? This would be great. I can win this job now,' as opposed to putting it off until some other technology comes out," Gragg said.

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