ReconRobotics acquires Xollai

Edina, Minnesota-based ReconRobotics, which manufactures solutions used by government agencies and the military for video reconnaissance, announced on Wednesday that it has acquired Xollai, a systems engineering firm with intellectual property in automated guidance technology, optics-based autonomous control systems, and image processing and recognition.

"We have a strong history of listening to customer requirements and successfully providing them with sublimely simple and robust solutions," said Alan Bignall, president and CEO of ReconRobotics. "This strategic acquisition will give us access to technologies that solve unmet needs in our current markets, as well as entirely new solutions in advanced manufacturing, image processing and unmanned aerial systems. We are extremely excited about the strength of the Xollai engineering team and their intellectual property portfolio, each of which meshes perfectly with our stated goals of technological leadership and diversification within autonomous systems."

In a statement, ReconRobotics said that it plans to fully integrate Xollai into its product engineering and design operations by the end of April and will maintain the company company's current headquarters in Saint Paul, Minn.

"In a short period of time, ReconRobotics has created an entirely new class of police and military robots that has revolutionized tactical operations," says Robert Malecki, co-founder and CEO of Xollai. "Our technologies hold similar groundbreaking potential in entirely new sectors and we are delighted to now be working with ReconRobotics to successfully commercialize these solutions for a worldwide market."