BRS Labs awarded patent for behavioral analytics software

Last week at ISC West 2012, BRS Labs President John Frazzini announced that the company's behavioral analytics software has received a first of its kind patent for a "reasons-based video surveillance platform."

Though BRS Labs already holds a handful of other patents, Frazzini said that this was the company's "umbrella" patent and that it was important because it recognized the basic concepts behind the technology.

"We are bringing advanced innovation into this industry," Frazzini told a gathering of media members at the tradeshow. "

Unlike other rules-based video analytics software, BRS Labs' AISight solution has the ability to "learn" what is normal or routine activity within a field-of-view and can then trigger an alert when something out of the ordinary is captured on video.

"The inherent flaw before our software is that it is all speculative," Frazzini added.

Frazzini also said that traditional video analytics companies in the industry had failed to deliver value to end users and that many of those firms are either going out of business or struggling to find a niche in the marketplace. In fact, he said those traditional analytics vendors looking to secure intellectual property protection for their technology were doing so against a "square wheel."

According to an IMS Research market forecast quoted by Frazzini, the VCA (video content analytics) markets was worth $57.1 million in the U.S. in 2010 and is expected to grow to just over $108 million in 2015.

"You see a deteriorating, barley growing segment of the marketplace," he said.