ASIS releases new ANSI standard

ASIS International on Thursday released its new Organizational Resilience Maturity Model American National Standard, which according to the organization will provide guidance on the implementation of the ANSI/ASIS SPC.1-2009 organizational resilience (OR) standard in six phases.

In a statement, ASIS said that the phases of the maturity model range from taking an unplanned approach to going beyond the requirements of the OR standard and creating a "holistic environment for resilience management." ASIS said that a phased implementation process can help organizations determine how much risk is acceptable to them and how they can cost-effectively manage the uncertainty in achieving its objectives.

In addition, the maturity model can enhance an organization's capacity to "manage risk and resilience by avoiding, accepting, removing the source, changing the likelihood, changing the consequences, and sharing and/or retaining the risk."

"The maturity model approach assumes that the driving force for pursuing the implementation of the OR standard is to establish a management system for the continual improvement of resilience performance," said Dr. Marc Siegel, commissioner of the ASIS International Global Standards Initiative and chairman of the Technical Committee. "Building the management system in a phased approach and achieving benchmarks of maturity, provides the organization with link between costs and value added."

The maturity model standard can also be integrated with quality, safety, environmental, information security, risk, and other management systems.

"Success breeds success. Organizations can use the standard as a basis for a recognition program to evaluate their level of performance and to drive continual improvement. The maturity model approach was piloted by the Tsogo Sun Group in preparation for the 2010 FIFA World Cup Tournament and demonstrated its value in improving the resiliency of the hospitality group before this international sporting event," Siegel said.

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