Denver RTD expands implementation of NICE video solutions

NICE, an Israeli-based provider of VMS and PSIM solutions, announced this week that the Denver Regional Transportation District (RTD) is expanding its implementation of the company's video solutions to the West Rail Line, Union Station and the Denver Civic Center.

According to a statement, Denver RTD, the public transit system for the Denver metro area, is currently in the midst of an initiative that will extend the city's entire mass transit system. Denver RTD has been a NICE customer since 2001.

With the expansion project, the transit authority will use NICE solutions to monitor, manage and record more than 1,000 cameras at light rail stations, Park-n-Ride facilities and bus transfer stations. The Denver RTD Transit Police conduct over 5,000 video investigations a year, and its 2,348-square mile service area encompasses 40 municipalities in six counties. The Denver Police Department is also linked into the system and can view live video feeds.

In addition to expanding its implementation of NICE video solutions, the transit authority is also purchasing an IP radio recording platform from the company.

"We are proud to see the long-standing relationship we have with Denver RTD continuing to grow," said Guy Yaniv, general manager, surveillance solutions, security group at NICE. "This further expansion of the NICE solutions complements the other parts of our portfolio already installed at Denver RTD for addressing security, safety and operational risks."