Survey: 1 in 4 organizations have suffered data loss in the last two years

According to the results of a new survey out this week by technology solutions provider CDW, one in four organizations has experienced a data loss in the last two years.

The Data Loss Straw Poll, which surveyed 654 IT professionals across a variety of industries, also found that many organizations reported breaches that potentially compromised their corporate network, email or other sensitive information.

"The damage resulting from data loss – to the bottom line and to an organization’s reputation – is very real," said Christine Holloway, vice president of converged infrastructure solutions, CDW. "Perhaps it should come as no surprise that IT professionals view data loss as the greatest business risk to organizations this year. As telework and access to mobile computing grows, preventing data loss is increasingly important – and increasingly complex."

The risk of data loss will only increase as more and more employees access corporate networks with mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers.

The survey found that people accessing business networks increased by an average of 41 percent over the last two years. In addition, while many companies allow their workers to use their own mobile devices to access the corporate network, 27 percent of IT professionals surveyed said that their organizations do not have security policies for employee-owned mobile devices.

"No organization appears to be immune from data loss – blue-chip companies, small business, schools and governments have been affected," said Rick Hanson, senior director of sales, Symantec. "Prevention is essential. Organizations that layer security solutions to address network endpoints, data at rest and data in motion are more aware of potential security threats, less susceptible to breaches and better able to respond when a breach occurs."

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