Brivo launches dealer program

Cloud-based access control solutions provider Brivo announced recently that it is launching a new dealer program.

According to a statement, the Brivo Blue Independent Dealer Program is intended to help strengthen partnerships, offer education and provide incentives to new and existing dealers that want to offer the company’s access control solutions.

In addition, the program will provide more streamlined access to Brivo’s ACS WebService and ACS Onsite products. Dealers will also be eligible to participate in various program levels – "Silver," "Gold," or "Brivo Blue," based on specific criteria and commitments.

"The program will ultimately drive sales and further enhance relationships," explained Lee Odess, Brivo director of sales operations. "By providing dealers the tools they need to stay focused and run their business, we will increase all our success."

For more information about the new dealer program, call 866-692-7486 or email