ASTM developing barrier systems standard

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), a standards development organization, announced this week that it is working to create a barrier systems standard for "high security assets."

In a statement, ASTM said the demand for barrier products has increased and that the integrity of these systems should be verified through testing, as well as manufacturing and installation compliance with minimum standard requirements.

The organization’s subcommittee on building and infrastructure protection (E54.05 ) has begun work on a new proposed standard dubbed "Specification for Applying Cable Barrier Systems to Provide Physical Protection Along the Passive Perimeter Around Assets Requiring High Security Against Vehicular Threats" (ASTM WK36550).  

According to subcommittee member Paul Bulten, product director for Ameristar Fence Products, the standard will provide users with guidance on deploying vehicle barriers.

"Users will be able to find direction needed to determine when and where a vehicular barrier is appropriate, what type of impact energy (crash rating) to select and how to ensure that the system installed is equivalent in capability to the system proven by independent certified testing," Bulten said in the statement.

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