Panasonic announces restructuring of its US operations

Panasonic, a provider of video surveillance solutions, announced this week that it is restructuring its U.S. operations across the board.

According to a statement, these changes, which were initially announced in January, will consist of combining the company’s business-to-business solutions organization and are "part of an extensive corporate transformation in this region."

In addition, the company said that it would be expanding its vertical market and partner-centric approach. Panasonic’s product management and business development functions will also be embedded within each of the company’s vertical market groups.

Sheila O’Neil, vice president, distribution, has been tapped to lead Panasonic’s relationships with key distribution partners, and Bill Brennan, senior director, reseller channel, has been tasked with managing the company’s channel relationships. Craig Greenwood has also been named vice president, business development.

"The new company is built on the foundation of Panasonic’s celebrated engineering capabilities and the core principles of our founder, Konosuke Matsushita, who believed that customers should be at the center of all activities," said Rance Poehler, president, Panasonic System Communications Company of North America in the statement. "Based on these core principles, we are focused on delivering reliable and trusted solutions that help our customers convert information into the insights that drive true innovation. With an expanded breadth of products and customer-inspired solutions, we are now able to offer our channel partners and customers a streamlined way to work with us. With one strategy and one organization, we are unified in our purpose to help our customers make the connections that improve business processes and drive better outcomes."