Analysis: Future airport screening systems to be smaller, more versatile

In its recent analysis of the "U.S. Airport Screening Technologies Market," research firm Frost & Sullivan said that future demand for airport screening solutions will call for systems that are smaller and more versatile than the ones that exist today.

In addition, Frost & Sullivan found that the Transportation Security Administration awarded more than $437 million in contract obligations in in 2011 and that future revenue growth in the market will depend on the aforementioned innovations in screening technology.

"Significant revenue growth in airport screening technology will depend on innovations in systems for the mass screening of personnel," said Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst John Hernandez. "A technology that can screen large groups subtly to categorize and separate them based on risk will revive interest and open up the market."

The research firm also said that there is an "urgent need" to replace and repair existing security systems and that the use of Backscatter X-ray solutions have come under scrutiny repeatedly due to perceived health risks.

"The TSA has repeatedly defined the scanners as 'safe,' but there is still uncertainty surrounding the technology," said Hernandez. "This may compel market participants to make public their own scientific research relating to these risks and use this opportunity to attract new customers."

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