Bold Technologies recovers from impact of Colorado wildfires

Rod Coles, president/CEO at Bold Technologies, said his heart went out for all of the victims of Colorado’s wildfires. Coles knows the power of the fires; his firm’s offices in Colorado Springs were evacuated recently when the threat of fires reached his area.

When the Waldo Canyon fire first threatened the area near Bold’s office, the company issued a statement to let customers know of a changed schedule and how to reach the after-hours support line. In an interview at the ESX tradeshow in Nashville, Coles said his team already had IT support to allow employees to work remotely for this kind of situation, and he said they implemented the remote strategy when the evacuation became necessary.

Today, the company announced that they were back in their offices. "Some evacuations have been lifted including the area where our headquarters is located, which has allowed us to return to work. We want to thank our customers as well as the industry for their support, encouragement and understanding. We also want to thank our employees for going above and beyond the call of duty by continuing to work and providing support in spite of the difficult circumstances. While the Waldo Canyon fire has been contained by 15%, it is still a threat. Please keep the community in your thoughts and prayer."

The Waldo Canyon fire has destroyed an estimated 346 homes already, and at least one death has been connected to the fire. Police say they are also seeking persons who are reported missing in the area of the fire.