Monitronics to accommodate Wi-Fi IP alarm communications

To help security dealers save time on installations, central station alarm monitoring services provider Monitronics will begin accommodating Wi-Fi IP alarm communications.

According to a statement, the move will allow the company’s dealers to use new technologies, such as Honeywell’s LYNX Touch 5100 alarm panel, which uses Wi-Fi alarm communications.

The company added that systems like the LYNX 5100 are expected to increase in popularity because they eliminate the need for CAT5 wiring used to connect alarm communicators to the Internet, thereby simplifying and reducing the time it takes to complete an installation.

Given that 60 percent of homes now have wireless broadband, Bruce Mungiguerra, vice president of the company’s sales and dealer program, said in the statement that it just made sense to use the high bandwidth in these homes for the transmission of alarm signals. "Adding the convenience of Wi-Fi to IP alarm communications is the next logical, major step in our industry," he said.