Leviton buys HAI

New York-based Leviton announced on Thursday that it has acquired Home Automation Inc. (HAI).

Leviton’s product solutions focus on electrical wiring devices, data connectivity solutions and lighting and energy management systems for a variety of end-user markets, while HAI’s products include integrated automation and security products for residential and commercial applications. According to a press release issued by Leviton, the acquisition of HAI “represents a significant expansion of its offerings in the residential market.” HAI will operate as a new, standalone business unit, branded HAI by Leviton and maintain its operations in New Orleans.

"Leviton and HAI are two established brands coming together to offer a complete whole home automation solution that customers can trust," said Daryoush Larizadeh, Leviton’s chief operating officer. The solutions package is expected to provide homeowners with solutions that combine security, energy management and entertainment controls, in user-friendly applications.

Larizadeh added that the acquisition of HAI enhances Leviton's product offering for both residential and commercial markets. "By integrating HAI's wide-ranging product lines with Leviton's home structured wiring and wireless Vizia RF + Z-Wave lighting and energy management devices, our customers will now have complete control of any in-home device, from lighting and security to electronics and HVAC," he said. He added that while Leviton is a strong R&D company, "the path to market and adoption of products takes a long time and we felt that it would be easier to acquire these products."

The new business unit will be managed by Jay McLellan, current CEO and president of HAI, who will report directly to Larizadeh. Leviton also plans to provide its builder and contractor network with the necessary training for installing HAI systems.

McLellan commented that Leviton and HAI have had a strong working relationship for nearly two decades. "The personal and business relationships are strong, and Leviton is making decisions for long-term success," he said. "The time is right for HAI to have the backing of a great company like Leviton."

He continued: "The Leviton brand provides HAI with the assurance, trust and confidence of Leviton's 105 years of success. As Leviton continues to evolve through strategic growth with new businesses in alternative energy, metering, electric vehicle chargers, incorporating a leading home automation and security company like HAI was a natural fit."