Lenel launches new program for partners and resellers

Lenel Systems, a division of UTC that makes enterprise-level software systems for security and systems integration, announced this week that it is launching a program for its strategic partners (SPs) and value-added resellers (VARs) called TierVantage.   

According to a statement, the TierVantage program is intended to help the company’s partners grow and sell more effectively to customers. The program establishes three levels for VARs and SPs – elite, select and authorized – and feature varying levels of rewards and opportunities depending on the level achieved.

All VARs and SPs in good standing are automatically enrolled at the authorized level, and depending upon a number of different criteria such as sales growth and performance, service parameters and technical expertise, they will have the opportunity to become a higher level program partner. In addition, elite and select partners will receive previews of new products and major updates. All program members will be listed by program level on a geographically-based locator on Lenel’s website.

"TierVantage strengthens our relationship with our VARs and SPs, while delivering additional tools that they can use to achieve greater success with current and prospective customers," said Joe Kirmser, president of Lenel Systems. "This program adds value and offers greater rewards to our partners who perform at advanced levels. Through the recognition, marketing tools, product previews and other benefits of TierVantage, VARs and SPs can gain a significant edge."

Phase 1 of the TierVantage program was rolled out in July and the company expects to add benefits on an annual basis.