COPS Monitoring opens new central station in Texas

COPS Monitoring, a New Jersey-based provider of wholesale alarm monitoring services, announced on Monday that is has opened its fifth central station just outside of Dallas in Lewisville Texas.

According to a statement issued by the company, Derek Kopko, who has been with the company for four years, will manage the new facility while new account executive Gene Reed will oversee sales in the region.

According to David Smith, director of marketing and communications for COPS, which has nearly 600,000 accounts across the country, the new central station will help the company meet the needs of dealers in the region.

"We believe that each region in the United States has different benefits and different challenges that face dealers and by opening up a central station in those regions, we have the opportunity to interact with our dealers more to better understand how we can help them overcome their challenges and help them grow their business," Smith said.

The new 8,000-square-foot facility will share alarm traffic with the company’s other four central stations, which are located in New Jersey, Florida, Arizona, and Tennessee. Smith said that having multiple central stations located in different areas of the country provides redundancy against the failure of one in case of a weather event or other natural disaster.

"We have found that there is really no area that is immune to some type of weather condition. We have hurricanes in the southeast, nor’easters in the northeast and wind conditions and thunderstorms in the central region," Smith explained. "There’s no one central place that’s perfect to put a central station. By putting our central stations in different geographical locations, it really decreases the probability that our whole operation or whole company is going to be affected by one, local event."

Smith said that 26 people have already been employed to work at the facility and that they are in the process of interviewing for additional positions. For more information about COPS Monitoring, visit