Iomega launches NVR for small to mid-sized businesses

After launching an all-in-one NAS (network attached storage) device for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) earlier this year at ISC West, Iomega, an EMC company, announced on Monday at ASIS that they’re rolling out a new network video recorder for the same market.

According to Bill Hansen, Iomega’s general manager for network storage solutions, this is a new launch for the company in terms of an NVR-based product.

"For us, we started at last year’s ASIS show and we’re really starting to grow and get traction in the video surveillance market," he said. "What we’ve seen is a dramatic move from the traditional analog-based cameras into the IP camera and… we want to play (in that market) and we believe we have a great solution for small and medium-sized businesses that don’t have a whole lot of IT infrastructure or IT staff."

Hansen said that the company will be offering three different versions of its StorCenter NVR at ASIS; a two-bay model and two four-bay-based models, which feature varying levels of storage capacity – 4 terabytes, 6 terabytes or 12 terabytes depending on the model.

Each StorCenter NVR comes with four or eight camera licenses by default and can support up to 16 cameras. They also feature a built-in video management system called SecureMind Surveillance Manager, which was developed by MindTree.

"It’s extremely easy to use. There’s nothing extra you have to install on a separate server or computer. You simply plug it in and select where you want to store it and you’re ready to go," Hansen said.

In addition, Hansen said that Iomega has enhanced the feature sets available on their video storage products since the launch of their NAS device for the SMB market earlier this year, including a new local display capability and multiple resolution stream recording.

"In the traditional NVR space, a lot of (the vendors) are camera focused and coming off of that analog background," explained Hansen. "What we really bring is our lifeline stack and a lot of strong network storage features that allow you to securely backup, retain and protect your video surveillance recording. There are number of those features that we bring that really differentiate us from your traditional NVRs."

Within the SMB market, Hansen said that Iomega is targeting several verticals including retail and even some banking locations. "We’ve had a number of successes in Asia and other places where it really fits in well where they have small retail outlets at many locations and they can put in one of our devices, which are smaller and lower cost than some other solutions," he said.

While the StorCenter NVR’s ease of use is obviously helpful to end-users, it’s also beneficial to installers.

"Engineering a security surveillance solution that is dependable and has the right mix of features and capabilities for expert small to mid-sized camera installations is no small undertaking," said Tom Burns, director and general manager if physical security at Ingram Micro North America. "The straight-forward setup process within Iomega’s new StorCenter NVRs not only simplifies the job of the surveillance installer, which is always important, but it also gives the technician or end-user more control and confidence by providing the ability to adjust and monitor the system offsite with a smart device."

Iomega’s new StorCenter NVRs can be seen this week at the company’s ASIS booth.