Telguard releases upgrade kit to convert 2G communicators

The wheels were in motion even before AT&T announced the formal date for the sunset of 2G cellular service (December 31, 2016). It was a move that was expected and anticipated by Telguard, a division of Telular Corp., based in Atlanta, and the company has responded by releasing a product kit designed to ease the conversion of existing installations into 3G/4G.

Available now through distribution, the TG-KIT can be used to upgrade all 2G (GSM and GPRS) Telguard TG-7 series communicators. With the kit, 2G versions of the TG-7, TG-7A, TG-7F, TG-7FM, TG-7FS and TG-7S can be upgraded without removing the existing enclosure, antenna or power supply. This is especially critical in maintaining a site’s UL certification status.

“The release of the TG-KIT reaffirms our commitment to making the move to 3G/4G a smooth transition for our dealers,” said Shawn Welsh, vice president of marketing and business development for Telular. “We continue to stay ahead of the sunset date and in 2013 will have an even wider array of communication products that involve broadband and interactive services as well,” he said.

The TG-KIT is available at a cost “less than the price of any product it replaces,” added Welsh.

Using the TG-KIT, an installer simply replaces the 2G circuit board with a new one for 3G/4G networks without disturbing or voiding the site’s UL certifications. This upgrade increases the longevity of a Telguard cellular unit, ensuring customer retention and protecting a dealer’s earned revenue. Activation and service procedures remain the same as they have been for Telguard’s 2G products.

“We are excited to be the first manufacturer to provide the security industry with an easy way to upgrade our 2G commercial communicators,” commented Welsh.

At the recent ESX show in June in Nashville, Telguard launched its Upgrade Incentive Program, which pays dealers to upgrade any manufacturer’s 2G product. Now, the industry’s first upgrade kit gives dealers all the tools they need to begin converting their 2G base today. With millions of 2G cellular communicators needing to be replaced, the 2G Sunset could have a devastating financial impact on the commercial security industry for those unprepared.

The Telguard upgrade kit is also eligible for Telguard’s Upgrade Incentive Program. Every time a Telguard 2G unit is upgraded with the TG-KIT, a dealer can receive up to a $25 credit to their account. Visit for more details on the Telguard Upgrade Incentive Program.