At Secured Cities conference, Philadelphia shares commitment to urban security

Mayor Nutter and team explain how Philadelphia leverages video surveillance, real-time crime information, fusion center approach and community policing to improve public safety

It’s a message that Mayor Nutter and Commissioner Ramsey both shared in their remarks to the crowd at Secured Cities, if cities can prevent crimes from occurring, they will likely see a positive response in the local economy. It’s why Nutter, while fighting a tight city budget during economic times, has been moving the city toward innovative public safety uses of technology and community policing strategies that are specific to the local neighborhood. As he stood in front of the Secured Cities conference attendees today, he admitted that improving the safety of his constituents was no easy job. Despite that uphill battle, he said it was a life improvement to which the City of Brotherly Love was fully committed.

About the author: Geoff Kohl is conference director for Secured Cities.