Florida ESA presents digital marketing webinar

What social media platform is best for you? What’s the most effective way to market and sell to new and existing customers? Those questions and more were answered today during the first ever Electronic Security Association (ESA) of Florida webinar: “Best Practices for Digital Marketing and Sales.”

Speakers Jeff Martin of AVS Systems and Jennifer Harrison of Gulf Coast Premier Promotions LLC presented the 45-minute webinar and delved quickly into what works and what doesn’t in this new era of email and social media marketing.

Martin spoke about targeting your market and specifically, email marketing campaigns. “The first thing you need is a list of who it is you are targeting, including current customers and prospects.” He provided these other tips on developing an email marketing campaign including:

  • Create a list from business cards or go to sites like RG, Sales Genie, Green Leaf or Google.
  • Know what your message is and deliver it exactly the way you want these customers and prospects to perceive your business. Get versed in spam and permissions before doing anything.
  • Consider email newsletters with information on safety tips or local burglary alerts.
  • Tailor subject lines so recipients open emails. Summarize the message in the subject line and avoid bold letters and all caps. Also avoid words like: free, percentage off, etc. as those have a tendency to go to spam folders. Subject lines that work: Local burglaries and crime; Stupid videos; You are Not Alone.

On the topic of social media, Harrison invited webinar attendees to harness the power of these communication mediums. “Become a resource and an expert in your industry,” to use these tools more effectively, she said. Harrison offered these other social media marketing tips:

  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest are the places to start. “If Facebook were a country it could be considered the third largest,” she commented on the number of users on the site.
  • Use Twitter for contests and events, as it’s a fast way to get content out.
  • Consider cross-branding with others using tags and other applications (such as tabs/Build audience in Facebook) for the most effectiveness and even for prospects to schedule appointments.
  • Share posts from social media but always add your expertise and explain why you found the post or Twitter feed important.
  • Use pictures and videos to get substantial views.
  • Lead people to your websites for sales and specials.
  • Use social media to engage with customers and think outside the box!

The webinar was recorded and will be available at www.ESA-FL.org.