Q&A with 2012 Lippert Recipient: Bill Bozeman

The Security Industry Association’s George R. Lippert Memorial Award is prestigious and it’s been awarded for more than two decades. It chronicles the life and times of George Lippert, one of the driving forces behind Carlsbad, Calif.-based Linear Corp’s growth in the early days, and today recognizes outstanding contributions to SIA and the security industry.

This year’s recipient is Bill Bozeman, CPP, CHS and PSA Security Network’s president and chief executive officer. Bozeman's selection was described by SIA as coming from "a unanimous vote of former winners." The award would have been formally presented at the SIA Security Week Gala during ISC East, which has now been postponed due to Hurricane Sandy.

SIW went to Bozeman for a one-on-one discussion on his thoughts in receiving the accolade:

Q. Had you ever met George Lippert of Linear? What did you know about him and his accomplishments?

A. “I met George briefly but honestly did not know him well.I did make a few calls to learn about him and why an important Security Industry Association award would be named in his honor. Every person I spoke to had similar comments about George; they all liked and respected him. He appeared to be one of those people that everyone liked and no one had anything bad to say about. I also know he worked tirelessly to promote and improve our industry.”

Q. What are your thoughts on receiving the award? What are your proudest accomplishments or memories of your work in the industry?

A. “Naturally I am honored to receive the award and I hope to share some of the positive vibes that George Lippert shared during his career. My proudest accomplishments are seeing people I have worked with over the years do well. I would hope that in some small way I helped them achieve their goals. The memories are great and still building. It has been a wonderful career and it's all about the people, not the electronics or the P&Ls. I remember the people and the funny stories we all love to tell. The numbers tell a story as well but the stories you really remember are about the people.”

Q. What are some of your thoughts on how the industry has evolved since you first got involved? What have been some of the highs and lows of your career and where do you think it's all (your career and the industry) is headed next?

A. “When I entered the electronic security business in 1979 it was a cottage industry that had not developed the respect and the importance security industry professionals now enjoy. In the 70s and 80s security was an afterthought at best. Of course this is no longer the case and security is in the forefront of building design in the commercial, industrial, government and residential world. Security is more important than furniture, wallpaper and plumbing fixtures as we protect lives and property.”

Q. What does this award mean not only for you, but for PSA Security Network?

A. “PSA is a bit unique in that for 38 years we have been a niche player in the electronic security business. When you add up the numbers, the alarm business was and still is the King Kong in the electronic security space but systems integration has made significant strides and I am very pleased SIA and the industry in general is recognizing not just PSA but the physical security systems integration space in general.”

Q. How do you plan to celebrate this accolade and accomplishment?

A. “My family will be attending and this is the highest honor of all.”