Analog dominates consumer CCTV market

A new report from IMS Research shows that analog cameras recently accounted for 87 percent of total camera shipments in the consumer and do-it-yourself market.

IMS said that unlike the commercial space, the consumer market is not expected to see a "significant revenue transition" from analog to network video in the next five years due to two primary reasons: costs and the primarily analog focus of the market’s suppliers.

"Consumer analog video surveillance equipment is primarily sold bundled as a complete system containing at least one camera and a DVR. Conversely, network cameras largely are not available in four or eight camera bundles," Josh Woodhouse, IMS market analyst and report author said in a statement. "Whilst consumer network security equipment offers some interesting solutions it is often not an equivalent product to analog equipment. Typically, network cameras appeal to a different type of end-user who initially installs a single camera to monitor a particular area of their home."

Despite weak economic conditions, IMS is forecasting double-digit growth for both the analog and IP product categories in the consumer market.

"Many retailers stocking video surveillance equipment realize it is a growing category that has not yet reached saturation," Woodhouse said. "The faster growth seen in network equipment has not cannibalized sales of analog equipment; there is still organic growth in both product lines. For standard multiple camera installations, analog offers a cheaper solution complete with many of the functions available from network equipment. Analog bundles will remain fit for purpose for many consumers in the future."

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