BriefCam Wins HLS Israel Technology Company of the Year

BriefCam, the developer and provider of Video Synopsis solutions for rapid reviewing, analyzing and indexing of video, recently won first place for physical security and was named Technology Company of the Year in the HLS Technology Innovation Competition at the 2nd International Conference for Homeland Security in Tel Aviv. The competition was sponsored by the Israel Export Institute, the Office of the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor and MATIMOP—the Israeli Industry Center for R&D.

BriefCam CEO and President Dror Irani made the winning presentation before a panel of judges that included the former Chief Scientist of the Ministry of industry, Trade & Labor and experts in security from academia and industry in Israel and the EU.

The conference program focused on four critical aspects of homeland security: smart cities (urban security), protection of critical infrastructures, cyber security and crisis management.

The company's technology enables hours of surveillance footage to be browsed in minutes and on average, one hour of video can be summarized into one minute of video time, providing a solution to the challenges posed by the growing amount of video surveillance generated.

Some 60 Israeli companies presented Homeland Security solutions within the exhibition framework. BriefCam was among a select few invited to present their technologies before the conference plenum. In addition, BriefCam was among 15 companies selected to compete for the top Innovation Award.