Prism Skylabs launches partner program

Prism Skylabs, based in San Francisco, recently unveiled a new partner program for systems integrators.

The Silicon Valley company, a cloud-based service that is changing the way video is accessed, stored and analyzed, recently launched the program designed specifically for installation companies who understand the importance of bringing a differentiated product to market. With little or no barrier to entry and the ability to offer the service to current customers with smaller IP/IT footprints consisting of off-the-shelf hardware, the program gives participants an easy way to leverage the existing video infrastructure, add value and increase their recurring monthly revenue.

The integrator partner program includes an entry-level tier and a solutions provider level for larger firms and installations. There are no initial upfront costs and the program is currently applicable to the majority of IP cameras on the market and works with video management systems from Milestone, Exacq Technologies, and 3VR, with others to be added to the fold in the near future.

Systems integrators can apply for the program online at: In addition to the systems integrator partner program, Prism Skylabs also serves IT VARs and marketing resellers with their own partner programs.

According to Stephen Russell, Prism Skylabs’ chief executive officer and founder, and former 3VR executive, integrators who are approved for the program on average can make $100 or more per site per month, reselling the company’s totally cloud-based storage solutions. Better yet, they can move more firmly into a services type business by generating incremental revenue through the subscription model.

“Video is an incredible information resource, but in reality it is shared less than it should be because it’s costly to store and move around,” said Russell. “Because this is cloud-based, it’s easy to share and extract information from images. It’s also entirely applicable to central station monitoring companies,” he added.

The solution offers traditional physical security analytics, but adds value in the way of activity analytics, real-time reports and people counting—giving integrators more options in full-solutions selling.

Mobile access and infinite storage

Russell said the program is different than other cloud-based solutions because it provides mobile access—yielding real-time views and reports, infinite storage and next-generation analytics especially useful for retail, restaurants and hospitality end users. The underlying technology that allows for the unlimited storage is video condensation, which preserves images for current and future analysis, as opposed to video compression. Its resulting video transcription turns data into heat masks, traffic patterns and activity in real time.

“Data is easily accessed and shared,” Russell continued. “It also provides integrators an easy way to move beyond loss prevention and into other areas of analytics.”