Wavestore makes its U.S. debut

Wavestore, a UK-based provider of video and audio recording solutions for surveillance applications, announced on Wednesday that it is making its debut in the North American market as WavestoreUSA. The company, which is based in London and has been in business for about 10 years, specializes in video management software.

"Wavestore really wanted to be global and the U.S. was a great market (to expand into) for that," said Mario Popu, general manager for WavestoreUSA. Popu, who has a background in the IT industry and formerly worked for IBM Southeast Employees’ Federal Credit Union, joined Wavestore in September to head up their U.S. operations.

According to Popu, one of the biggest differentiators of Wavestore’s VMS solution, which is its fifth version, is the ability to de-warp images at the software level rather than at the camera, making them one of the few companies that can truly support cameras with 180-degree or 360-degree fields-of-view. The company’s software also offers a host of other features including freeform display of all video images, simultaneous display of live and archived video, interactive camera maps, dynamic software upgrades, and rapid search functionality among others.

"It is so easy to use. The GUI (graphical user interface) is very easy," he explained. "Anyone can install the software within 10 minutes, the entire OS (operating system) and be up and running."

Popu said that WavestoreUSA, which will be based in Mangonia Park, Fla., will go to market through the channel by partnering with integrators. In fact, Popu said that they’ve already entered into a partnership with New York-based American Integrated Security Group.

Although they are entering what is already a crowded VMS market in the U.S. and North America, Popu said that in addition to being able to support panoramic cameras, WavestoreUSA’s licensing model will help set them apart.

"We license per channel and can give you licensing on the spot so you don’t have to upgrade your whole system," he said.

For more information about the company, visit http://www.wavestoreusa.com.