SECURE+: What it means for the landscape

The SECURE+ program, a new initiative from the Electronic Security Association (ESA), will award companies in four different categories during the ESA Leadership Summit on February 21 in Orlando, Fla.

Basically, SECURE+ is focusing on lifestyle enhancement features of integrated security systems. And that’s admirable, given that now, it seems, smart home technology and automation is increasing awareness of these types of systems and of security—and it may finally be a way for the industry to get past that 20-some percentage penetration rate for traditional security systems.

ESA has established SECURE+ as a way of increasing awareness of enhanced digital services offered by ESA member companies, said John Knox, ESA president and president of Knox Integrated Systems, Lenoir City, Tenn. “Homeowners across the country are discovering how an integrated home can simplify their lives and in response, security companies are beginning to offer home control products and services that can turn any home into a smart home. More and more, homeowners want the ability to remotely arm and disarm their security systems, accept packages when they’re not home, conserve energy by adjusting their thermostats, or remotely view video images of the activities in their homes. These are the types of systems SECURE+ integrators install,” he said.

Knox said that integrators who become SECURE+ companies will enjoy the benefits of a proactive public outreach effort showcasing today’s high-tech advancements in the security industry. By launching this new initiative, ESA is looking future forward where enhanced services will be the name of the game and SECURE+ integrators will lead the way.

In its inaugural year, the awards program will recognize real-life examples of how SECURE+ integrators are making their customers' lives not only safer and more secure, but simpler, more energy efficient and more convenient. Winners will be named in four SECURE+ categories:

  • The Peace of Mind Award recognizing the most dramatic use of an electronic security system using interactive or enhanced services and monitoring from remote devices combined with intrusion, fire and toxic gas detection.
  • The Protect and Connect Award exhibiting the best use of interactive services in an intrusion scenario including alarm activation during a robbery, burglary or break-in.
  • The Sustainable Lifestyle Award demonstrating the energy or resource conservation abilities of an integrated electronic security system with enhanced features.
  • The I Love My Pet Award acknowledging the best use of an electronic security system with enhanced features in caring for a beloved animal.

For more information on becoming a SECURE+ integrator, please visit or contact ESA’s Member Service Center at 972-807-6801.