AT&T announces expanded roll out of home security offering

Telecommunications giant AT&T on Friday announced that it has expanded the initial launch plans of its "Digital Life" home security and automation offering from eight to 15 markets this spring.  The company said it has plans to expand the service in up to 50 markets by the end of the year.

"We've been building AT&T Digital Life with the intent to establish a strong position in an industry ripe with potential to connect customers to their homes in a game-changing, wireless-centric experience," Kevin Petersen, senior vice president of AT&T Digital Life, said in a statement. "We did extensive research, listened to our customers and worked hard to build a solution with an unmatched set of assets. We are excited for our customers to begin experiencing Digital Life and all the benefits it offers."

Earlier this year, AT&T said that Digital Life customers would be able to choose from two different security packages: "Simple Security," which features basic home security services, and "Smart Security," which offers a myriad of different service options – from video surveillance to total home automation.

Those that opt for Smart Security can choose from number of different service packages including; video package (live video from inside and outside the home); energy package (remote control of appliances, lighting, and HVAC); door package (remote and automated control of door locks); and water package (detects water leaks within the home and can shut off water at the main source).

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