Inovonics provides easy integration path for mobile duress

Inovonics, provider of the Radius enterprise mobile duress solution, is looking to simplify installations of the platform as the company announced the launch of its new EN6080 Area Control Gateway this week at ISC West.

According to Don Commare, vice president of marketing for Inovonics, the gateway, which is PSIA-complaint, is designed to help integrators tie Radius together with other existing building security systems.

“It gives the integrator and the end-user the ability to do a best-of-breed solution,” Commare explained.

Commare said that the direction of the company, which makes wireless sensors for life safety and other applications, is really focused on its Radius solution, which enables people in a campus environment to alert security instantly with the push of a button.

What the company realized when they first launched Radius two years ago, according to Commare, was that most of the devices installed in applications – be it intrusion detection, access control or video surveillance – were really about protecting the building rather than people.

Given the fact that many incidents of violence in the workplace stem from domestic disputes, a solution like Radius gives security personnel the ability to zero in on the exact location of a disturbance and respond appropriately before it escalates.

The platform has received wide adoption among organizations in the healthcare industry, but there are a number of applicable applications for it. In fact, Commare said that the hospitality industry in New York City is looking into the possibility of deploying a solution like Radius as a result of an outcry from hotel workers over safety concerns.

“That is what enterprise mobile duress is all about,” he said. “It is giving people the ability to send alerts on their behalf on your behalf. We think there is some real opportunity as the industry starts to focus more on people.”