Diebold unveils SecureStat online security management tool

Diebold Inc. promoted new technology at ISC West last week that enables end users to integrate systems and connect services to streamline and centralize the management of security operations online from wherever they are.

SecureStat from Diebold is a browser-based online security management tool that unifies security services and disparate systems, while providing a single interface for real-time administration of security operations across an enterprise. At the heart of Diebold’s SecureStat is a personalized dashboard that utilizes customizable, distinct widgets to provide a snapshot of a user’s entire security platform, including locations, security systems and devices.

"We are in a good place to integrate for our customers with this solution," said Jeremy Brecher, vice president, Technology, Electronic Security, Diebold Inc. "We have been working on this for more than one year and plan to release it May 1. This is a systems management enabler and makes the Diebold experience more valuable to our our customers." 

SecureStat's product-agnostic interface brings together all of an enterprise's security systems and services, regardless of manufacturer. It enables security professionals to leverage their existing, legacy, inherited and future security investments through one common Web platform.

Other features:

  • SecureStat is an enabler for the connection of security services– whether they’re limited to one site or spread across many– bringing together an organization’s intrusion, monitoring, access, video, fire and more.
  •  SecureStat is firewall-friendly, allowing it to traverse complex networks. And its native Web architecture provides users with seamless access to the solution’s dashboard from any browser or smart device.
  • The solution leverages standard Internet pathways for secure communication, every piece of data viewed and stored within SecureStat’s dashboard resides on a secure, encrypted network.

The product is fully scalable to the scope and function of the end user’s organization, regardless of size and geographic reach. It also provides users with a personalized, web-based portal or dashboard hat provides a snapshot of all locations, systems and devices. 

“SecureStat continues Diebold’s innovation and is a significant step in revolutionizing how users manage their security platforms and locations,” said Tony Byerly, executive vice president,electronic security, Diebold. “By moving from system-specific connectivity toward product agnostic security-wide solutions, we’re creating an interactive platform to deliver services within customers’ existing security infrastructure. Customers will see real value when they begin to connect multiple systems and information that can be centrally managed and shared.”

SecureStat was demonstrated throughout ISC West 2013 in Diebold’s meeting space in the Venetian Las Vegas.