Bozeman receives Lippert Award

Some six months delayed but still as sweet, Bill Bozeman CPP, CHS and president and CEO of PSA Security Network received the George R. Lippert Memorial Award at PSA-TEC last night as the organization officially kicked off its 2013 event at the Westin Hotel in Westminster, Colo.

Thwarted in receiving it at ISC East late last year in New York City by the devastating Hurricane Sandy, SIA’s CEO Don Erickson finally had the opportunity to present the association award to Bozeman, a well-deserved accolade to a person who’s spent some 39 years in the business and originally started as a systems integrator, eventually owning four companies. Following comments by Sandra Jones of Sandra Jones & Co; Mike Kobelin of Aronson Security Group; and Sharon Shaw of Integrator Support, Bozeman took the stage to accept SIA’s highest honor—an award chronicling unselfish industry support and named after the late George R. Lippert, founder of Linear Corp. in Carlsbad, Calif.

Bozeman, who was voted unanimously to receive the Lippert Award was humble, saying he was just an average guy who liked people. “My proudest accomplishment is all about you—about the people,” he said. “It’s not about the profit and loss statements, it’s about the people.” This was the first time in the history of the presentation of the Lippert Award that it has been presented away from the ISC East tradeshow. Bozeman lavished praise on the audience, telling them that it is no longer a niche industry.

“Now you are in an industry that’s incredibly important. Back in the days we were unimportant, now we are at the forefront and we have the technology and expertise that others look toward. As I see it, this is only the beginning. You are in the right industry at the right time. PSA Security has been a remarkable organization and this will continue,” he said.