Mobotix sees strong Q2 growth

German based surveillance camera maker Mobotix announced this week that it saw strong growth during the second quarter of the 2012/13 fiscal year. According to a statement, the company’s sales revenues increased to $27.4 million (€21.3 million).

In addition, earnings before interest and tax margin reached 20 percent or $5.3 million (€4.1 million). Profits totaled $3.4 million (€2.7 million) and earnings per share came to $0.27 (€0.21). With a high export ratio of 79 percent, Mobotix sees opportunities for growth internationally.

Sales revenue in the first half of the current fiscal year grew to $53.2 million (€41.4 million), an increase of three percent, while EBIT totaled $9.5 million (€7.4 million) with an EBIT margin of 17.9 percent. The first half profits after taxes amounted to $6.4 million (€5.0 million), while earnings per share came to $0.49 (€0.38). The export ratio was 76 percent.