LenovoEMC rebrands Iomega products and programs

LenovoEMC is celebrating thirty-three years in business by announcing a joint venture with Acronis and a rebranding of their consumer network and high performance professional storage solutions. According to a statement, Iomega’s network-attached storage solutions will now be branded as Lenovo Iomega and Lenovo EMC. Iomega’s social media properties have also been rebranded as LenovoEMC.

The consumer network storage solutions being rebranded are the desktop single-drive Lenovo Iomega EZ Media and Backup Center (formerly known as the Iomega EZ Media and Backup Center) and the desktop double-drive and quad-drive Lenovo Iomega ix series (formerly known as the Iomega StorCenter ix series). The high performance professional storage solutions are being rebranded as the Lenovo EMC px Series (formerly known as the Iomega StorCenter px series), which include the double-drive, quad-drive and six-drive desktop models, as well as rack mount network storage arrays.

"The LenovoEMC joint venture is based upon the success of the Iomega network storage solutions business and our plan at Lenovo to develop a unified storage platform within Lenovo’s Enterprise Product Group," said Roy Guillen, vice president of the enterprise product group, Lenovo, the majority owner of the joint venture. "With the transition from the highly successful standalone Iomega brand to the power of the combined Lenovo and EMC brands, our Lenovo network storage solutions from the LenovoEMC joint venture will continue to evolve in features and capabilities as world class network storage that complements server products from the Lenovo Enterprise Product Group.  This is an important element in Lenovo’s continued growth in the PC Plus world."

With the new Acronis agreement, LenovoEMC will provide True Image 2013 Lite PC backup software for select Lenovo network storage products. The PC backup software provides automatic and continuous file backup protection and restore for Windows PCs. 

Joel Schwartz, senior vice president and general manager, global new business development, EMC, said: "The LenovoEMC joint venture marks a rebirth for the Iomega network storage solutions business with the support of two industry leaders, Lenovo and EMC."