ONVIF issues RFQ to update the existing test specification and test tool

SAN RAMON, CA – July 8, 2013 -- ONVIF, the leading global standardization initiative for IP-based physical security products, announced today that it has issued a public Request for Quotations to update the existing Test Specification and Test Tool for the group’s global standard for the interface of IP-based physical security products.

The ONVIF Device Test Tool is used by the members of ONVIF to test conformance of IP-based physical security products with the ONVIF Test Specification. The RFQ will include the release of an updated version of the ONVIF Device Test Tool and ONVIF Test Specification for Profile S, which encompasses the common functionalities shared by ONVIF conformant video management systems and devices such as IP cameras or encoders that send, configure, request or control the streaming of media data over an IP network.
"ONVIF is continuously updating its Test Tool and Test Specification as we further refine the specification and develop new profiles," said Hugo Brisson, chairman of the Maintenance Working Group, part of ONVIF's Technical Services Committee. "As part of this process we periodically issue RFQs to assist us and have decided to issue these RFQs publicly to expand the opportunity to more vendors and make the process as transparent as possible."

Also included in the RFQ is continued development for conformance of Profile G, which oversees storage, searching, retrieval and playback of media on devices or clients that support recording capabilities and on-board storage. The project will also include Profile C, which encompasses physical access control and video surveillance integration conformance. The RFQ will also involve the release and implementation of a test specification for the ONVIF Advanced Security Specification.

“The ONVIF Advanced Security Service offers security features that enable ONVIF devices to securely operate in untrusted communication networks. The first release of the service specification, which is scheduled for fall 2013, will address public key certificate management and TLS server configuration,” added Dirk Stegemann of Bosch Systems GmbH.
Quotations need to be submitted by 19th July 2013. The full RFQ can be found at www.onvif.org/NewsEvents/PressReleases. Vendors interested in being notified of future RFQs can register their interest and qualifications by contacting help@onvif.org.

Further information about the more than 3,400 ONVIF conformant products, including the vendors and the conformant models, is also available at www.onvif.org.