Cook County, Motorola Solutions and J.C. Penney join forces to combat ORC

Motorola’s Real-Time Crime Center solution assists with prevention, investigation, arrest and prosecution of organized financial and retail crimes in new strategic operations center

Stolen merchandise such as razors, alcohol, baby formula or cologne is typically “fenced” through brick and mortar businesses or online. Shutting down these operations is often a time-consuming and difficult process. With the help of the Real-Time Crime Center solution, retailers and law enforcement officers can work together quickly and easily to apprehend the “boosters” who steal from the stores as well as identify and shut down large fencing organizations and criminal enterprises.

Some of the key capabilities of this new operations center includes:

• Motorola’s Real-Time Crime Center solution allows law enforcement officers to approach an incident armed with more operational intelligence than ever before. Inputs from multiple data sources such as video, sensors, alarms, computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and records are unified to deliver one operational view.

• The Real-Time Crime Center solution helps increase situational awareness and direct deployment of resources. Analysts at the center can see calls coming in and pull up video images from the scene immediately. As officers are responding, video footage and still images can be sent to their vehicles providing a description of the suspects and potential whereabouts. This speeds response time and gives officers a head start before they arrive on scene.

• With the Real-Time Crime Center solution, CCROC will be able to expediently capture and provide field officers and investigators with instant, comprehensive information to help identify suspects, crime patterns and prevent emerging crime. Analysts can obtain substantial information on suspects, including pictures, addresses and other identifiers to provide quicker apprehension, arrest and prevention of other crimes by these offenders.

• CCROC’S purpose is to provide a communication and operational structure to reduce organized crime. Traditionally, law enforcement and retail organizations have worked independently of each other. The Real-Time Crime Center solution enables CCROC to work closely with retailers on a common goal which positively affects the outcome of investigations, the community and potentially saves retailers money.

• CCROC members at-large include multiple police agencies throughout Illinois, national retailers and banks. The organization’s goal is to add full-time analysts to improve collaboration and share appropriate intelligence among all jurisdictions, retailers and financial institutions.

• The strategic operations training center is located within a private space at the North Riverside, Ill. Mall JCPenney location. JCPenney donated the previously unused space for the project, making it possible to house pivotal crime information in one central location.