SALTO RFID access solution secures all doors but one at Oglethorpe University

Oglethorpe’s IT services department decided on a SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) wire-free system

The next time the card hits a hot spot – again, the only wired devices in the system – all the information gets uploaded to the main system. Now the university has a detailed log for each door, and a complete access control log of who has been where including any failed entry attempts.

These smart access control cards also function as student ID and meal plan cards, eliminating the need for a student to carry multiple cards. The cards are encoded with a student’s complete information, so when they go to the cafeteria, for example, they simply present their card to a reader which checks them in. The students are very happy with the cards and especially happy to have uninterrupted access to their dorms.

The Result and That One Door
The university says “The latest building to get the SALTO system is our new Student Center, which completed in August. After that it will be the library with planning to include two more buildings this year. It is fully anticipated that we will continue to expand each year until all 16 campus buildings are covered. Our goal is to have it all completed over the next two to three years. Funding is our only limiting factor.”

There is one “door” on campus that won’t need a technology update any time soon however. This is the door to a stainless steel vault that is welded shut and isn’t expected to be opened until May 28, 8113. This is the university’s Crypt of Civilization, or time capsule as it would be called today. The first serious effort to collect and preserve a snapshot of human civilization and technology, it is a 20' x 10' waterproof room whose contents represent an encyclopedic inventory of life and customs up until the date when the crypt was sealed on May 28, 1940.

Dallas Holmes, SALTO Systems Southeast Region Sales Manager, comments “Oglethorpe University is a very forward thinking institution and with the incorporation of the latest SALTO wire-free access control technology into their campus, they have taken the necessary steps to ensure they will be able to achieve far reaching and long lasting control over their security requirements.

Key benefits achieved include a more flexible and reliable system for a lower total dollar cost, the benefits of a keyless environment and thanks to its SALTO SVN system, the ability to manage up to 64,000 users and 4,000,000 doors in a single system if required, making the university a more secure and accessible environment for all its users.”